Friday, May 13, 2011

TV Greats

A friend and I were talking today about the best characters to ever grace the small screen. Not actors. Characters. The fictional creations of an unappreciated writing staff. Since I'm a big fan of lists AND television, here are my Top 5:

#5: Alex P. Keaton
Hilarious in how unrealistic this character was, yet perfect when you realize there are actually people out there that are just like him: Young Republicans. (Only not as likable)

#4: John Locke
Out of the main 14 characters in the hit show LOST, this mysterious Man of Faith was my favorite. Zen-like in the way he knew nothing, yet was 100%, and correctly, in tune with his surroundings at all times. If the others had only listened and believed...

#3: Tony Soprano
Total bad-ass, which made everyone wish to be like him. Yet completely human, which made everyone realize it may actually be possible. A perfectly written character who properly, yet clumsily balanced both of his "families."

#2: Kramer
Supposedly based on one of Seinfeld's real-life neighbors. The character was written so perfectly with the right amount of wit and charisma, no matter how bizzare and "out there" he may have been, you, like everyone else on the show, couldn't help but like him.

#1: Michael Scott
So flawed in every way imaginable, yet still a good human being and perhaps an even better boss. Despite his accidental racism, his amazing ability to ruin every holiday celebration, his incompetence in the workplace and the fact that he was the worst secret holder ever, deep down, you know he meant well. I think like everyone else, he just wanted people to like him. Turns out, they all did in the end. That's what she said.

Runner Up:
Ron Swanson
Hater of big government and balloons. Meat eater.
How can anyone NOT like this guy?

Your turn! Who are some of your favorite TV characters? Leave suggestions in the comment section below.

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  1. Completely agree with choices and order - although there has to be space for Maxwell Smart